Marc Robarge

This project was unlike any other I have done in many respects. In preparing for my residency in Delphi, Greece I decided to come with a few simple tools and an open mind. My goal was to meet people, get to know them, listen and form relationships. I also wanted to listen to the land, the special history of Delphi, feel the energy, and connect to the place. The experiences I had, the people I met, the conversations and cultural exchange all informed my concept and helped develop it to fruition. I am grateful for everyone who was part of the Delphic gathering, the rich archaeological sites, history of the land, people and myths. I consider my work to be a way of giving back and honoring the land. This idea is present in the Native American concept of reciprocity, and also relates to ancient Greek ideas about a balanced relationship with the earth. In this spirit, I offer “Tree Rings for the Nine Muses” to the Botanical Garden of Delphi.