Biomorphic Sculpture

My recent work consists of two related, yet distinct, directions. Both paths are rooted in a reverence for natural forms, materials and processes. One branch of my practice presents biomorphic, organic sculptures conjured from tree limbs often conjoined with pods, bark, berry and leaf-like forms, along with textured or mossy surfaces. These works affirm the mystery of regenerative processes within the cycle of life and death. The other path of inquiry juxtaposes mass produced machined or technological elements with organic forms that offer an open ended commentary on cultural, societal, and environmental issues. These compositions encompass disparate elements, humorous asides and narrative metaphors that address how humans relate to one another and the world in which we live.

With a nod to the surrealists, these sculptures are slightly other worldly, illogical, dreamlike or contain incongruous parts, yet they are made of familiar things. Many of the pieces are human in proportion. They are composed of parts that easily fit in the hand, or they stand about as tall, or have a wingspan within human range. When placing the sculptures, I consider how they relate not only to eye level, but gut level, or heart level. I am trying to communicate through channels of feeling, empathy with the objects, materials, colors, forms and textures; create a visual and spatial narrative that prompts a somatic, bodily response. They are meant to engage the body and soul.