Marc Robarge

My work exists at the intersection of art, biology, metaphysics, and response to the natural world. The concept that things in the universe devolve toward entropy or evolve into being, the simultaneous dynamic of destruction and construction, is evident in the interplay of organic matter and sculptural forms. These sculptures pay homage to the organic forms that inspired them, a poetic response to each found object. The hope is that the viewer observes things that otherwise might have gone unseen, and perhaps perceives the natural world in a new way.
I find it exhilarating to work in situ. My site specific outdoor sculptural installations vary in scale, some temporary, others more permanent, in a variety of locations.The concept is to create work that straddles the line between human crafted art and biological form. This ambiguity is intentional, meant to give the viewer pause. If the art, which is a human activity, is in harmony with the site to the extent that it is indistinguishable from the environment, then does that perhaps suggest a way we might relate to our world?