Marc Robarge

The title of this site specific sculpture, Coextensive Coexistence, at Sandy Spring Museum, MD speaks to the exhibition theme: Balancing Acts. I suspended a series of concentric tubular circles from a host oak tree, taking care to strap the supports sensitively so as not to stress the tree. The act of suspending the sculptural forms from the tree is one of respect for the host tree, a metaphor for coexistence, as if the expanding energy of the tree, its branches and root system manifest in the ripples of colored concentric forms. The circles radiate from the tree in a prismatic color scheme, an allusion to the process of photosynthesis.
It is clear we are at a tipping point of social and natural systems, and the question is: How do we as humans navigate this, and what is our responsibility to one another and the world in which we live? The sculpture reminds us that we exist together in the same time and space with other beings in an organic, physical world that share similar scope and boundaries. Yet the scope of these boundaries is dynamic, expansive, fluid, perhaps like ripples in a pond.